Advanced Analytics

Oopgo’s industry-leading analytics solution captures data points for each individual visitor interaction, allowing every mouse movement, click, keystroke, mobile touch point, zoom-level, and change in orientation to be searchable in aggregate or detail. Discover more information about your customers’ preferences, consideration, and needs through advanced analysis into every interaction across the entire digital landscape.


Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ every frustration and satisfaction using their feedback. Shed light on their offline and in-store preferences and purchasing patterns.

Mobile Behavior Metrics

Decipher every mobile interaction including pinches, moves, orientation changes and zoom levels, while having the ability to store, segment and watch them at-will.

Website Analysis

Uniquely identify, down to the last detail, the five KPIs and tagging segments that have the highest impact on your business.

Behavioral Analysis

Keep a complete storage record of every customer’s individual movement pattern including form input, selection, and deletion and access them on a micro and macro level.

Advanced Analytics

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