CX Replay

Oopgo’s Customer Interaction Recordings solution eliminates guesswork by allowing you to view exactly what your customers are doing on your website. From the moment your web pages load all of your customers’ interactions and environmental analytics are captured and sent to our server facilities. Within seconds, in real-time, a user-friendly interface replays that browsing session exactly as it occurred, to the most minute detail. The CIR solution delivers the deepest visibility into your customers’ online experiences, giving you invaluable insight that can be used to make strategic marketing decisions to improve your bottom-line.

Consumer Behavior Insight

Unparalleled quantitative and qualitative data capture allows companies to move beyond what users do and how often they do it, to the far more important questions of WHY they do it and what their experience is like. CX Replay Customer Sessions

Mobile Behavioral Metrics

Recreate and watch all of your mobile traffic to finally understand how your customers are perceiving and using your web properties across all mobile devices.

One Size Fits All

Enhance your customer experience management, upgrade your analytics, and more precisely segment your traffic - all under one roof.

CX Replay

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