Mobile Discovery

With the rapidly growing adoption of mobile devices, consumers now have the ability to reach your brand anywhere, anytime. To succeed in this booming, and still young, business channel you must deliver mobile services, features and content that your customers can easily and effectively engage. Oopgo’s Mobile Discovery allows e-businesses to recreate all of their website visitors’ mobile browsing sessions, providing immediate visibility into how their digital properties are being engaged and perceived.

Complete Mobile Visibility

Craft data-driven insights into intelligent digital strategies and give your company a significant return on their mobile investment. CX Replay Customer Sessions

Powerful Ad-hoc Discovery

All on-screen customer interactions, zoom-level, and orientation changes for mobile phones and tablets are captured and stored as individual data records, becoming fully searchable data records, in both aggregate or detail.

Complete Mobile Session Recreation

All user-specific interactions and device-level settings are detected, captured and replayed to provide the most accurate portrayal of your mobile channel traffic.

Mobile Discovery

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