Servicing Optimizer

By recreating the entire web-based visitor experience, Oopgo allows you to take the final step in closing the gap between face-to-face and web-based servicing. Dramatically speed up the average resolution on all servicing interactions with a complete view of what the end user is seeing and doing with the ability to interact and adjust your offering on-demand. Better serve your customers when you can watch every action exactly as it happens and remove the need for verbal confirmation to verify their compliance.

Dispute Resolution

Keep a permanent record of customer disputes for the most efficient dispute-analysis dashboard possible, including irrefutable proof of what did or didn’t happen.

Training and Monitoring

Monitor your own CS team to ensure they are providing the pinnacle of customer service.


Streamline troubleshooting when you eliminate the need for service technicians to confirm that steps are being accurately followed. Representatives can watch customer interactions in real-time.

Service Optimization

Use groundbreaking technology for a view into customer interactions to resolve issues faster and increase service speed.

Servicing Optimizer

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