Oopgo Product Tour

Mobile Discovery

The most comprehensive mobile session replay on the market. Store every change in device orientation and zoom level, finger touch points and swipes to create searchable data aggregates to understand every customer behavior across your mobile channels.


Get a real-time birds-eye view of every purchase, impulse, servicing interaction, and lost sale made across all of your digital channels.

Customer Experience

Gain a panoramic view of every visitor's entire customer lifecycle and see exactly how they interact with your website from their inital entry point. Simultaneously view the visitors' fulfilled segments, events triggered, key metrics and data most relevant to your company.

Form Analysis

Put a magnifying glass over all of your forms and conversion pages and discover problematic trends so you can proactively improve your processes.

Visual Data Records

Bring your data to life. Obtain advanced behavioral analysis through industry-leading customer data capture and visualization.

Competitive Intelligence

Discover factors driving results for your primary competitors to rapidly identify winning strategies, content, and technologies.