Oopgo works with communications companies

The key to surviving challenging times is to reach outside of the box and reinvent yourself. This is true for communication services companies, as they continuously have to tackle a constantly evolving environment.

Explosive content growth, digital rich media, next generation delivery platforms are three of the many challenges forcing communication services companies to constantly adapt to remain relevant and competitive. Driving more customers to your website while reducing costs depend on how well you know your customers and keep them satisfied to build and grow their loyalty.

The key to success is with a deeper insight into their behavior, to guide your strategy and optimize your web site based on firm knowledge, not on guess.

Oopgo gives you the insight and tools to:

  • Secure higher revenue by raising conversion rates and combined services orders. This is due to the most complete behavioral insight of your online customers. You can finally understand the reason why some customers don’t make purchases so you may correct the issue.
  • Improve retention rates by continuously improving your customers’ experience. Happy customers are loyal customers.
  • Reduce the time spent discovering and resolving technical issues.
  • Improve customer support making it more efficient with lower cost.
  • Speed your conflict resolution process using irrefutable complete visual record.
  • Reduce your risk of tampering on your site.
  • Reduce your overall costs

Oopgo solutions are built using tailor-made components utilizing innovative technology. Our main platform includes a seamlessly integrated combination of:

  1. Superior analytics.
  2. Customer experience, behavioral insight, live recording – fully searchable – amenable to both live and remote viewing as video.
  3. Competitive intelligence using the largest ever database of all global domains.

Each company will have the option to tailor the components that are suitable, which can be easily integrated with any currently used major products installed by any vendor.