Oopgo works with banks and financial institutions

Financial institutions thrive by continuously evolving to stay ahead of the changes at all levels that they encounter or have to comply with. Their goals, however, remain the same: increase their returns by acquiring and retaining customers. This makes it imperative for financial institutions to fully understand their online customers’ behavior and cater to their needs, whether they are applying for a loan, transferring assets between accounts, or looking for a safe and profitable investment for their money.

When Oopgo’s technology and features were introduced, it became apparent that it was created for financial institutions, whether a bank, brokerage house, exchange, or insurance company of any size. In addition to all the above features, Oopgo appears to be the best tool for customer service and conflict resolution, and the only one that, customized, could help monitor and thwart illegal hacking activity and prevent otherwise significant losses.

Oopgo gives you the insight and tools to:

  • Increase revenue by giving you the deepest insight into your customers’ behavior, and provide them the best online experience while promoting cross selling opportunities and achieving higher customer retention rates.
  • Successfully recover abandoned or struggling customers by uncovering why and proactively reaching out to them, therefore recouping otherwise lost revenues.
  • Accurately diagnose and correct all usability issues and errors on your website.
  • Improve customer support resolution rates by having actual records available and easily searchable to better guide your responses.
  • Effectively manage online customer disputes with records of actual customer interactions, both live and on-demand.
  • Encourage online convenient self-service applications for a more effective and less costly interactions.

Oopgo solutions are built using tailor-made components utilizing innovative technology. Our main platform includes a seamlessly integrated combination of:

  1. Superior analytics.
  2. Customer experience, behavioral insight, live recording – fully searchable – amenable to both live and remote viewing as video.
  3. Competitive intelligence using the largest ever database of all global domains.

Each company will have the option to tailor the components that are suitable, which can be easily integrated with any currently used major products installed by any vendor.