Oopgo works with energy and utilities companies

On-going challenges of deregulation, consolidation, politics and price wars do not spare energy and utilities companies. To survive, they find themselves having to quickly respond by adapting to new climates.

Becoming more involved on the internet with online platforms has become a necessary way where a large part of business is conducted. It is now a major area that allows you to increase efficiency, both in cutting costs and increasing business and revenues by improving customer service and staying ahead of the industry trends and the competition. The key to success is website optimization that makes you succeed in your online endeavors.

Oopgo gives you the tools and insight to:

  • Maximize adoption of customer self-service applications and improve retention rates with an improved website experience.
  • See how your customers and suppliers interact on your site, and understand the why for every action they make.
  • Establish why they leave your site without completing a transaction, and correct any usability problem or error on your site, to reverse your losses.
  • Have the ability to dynamically interact with them live to facilitate their navigation and ensure a successful transaction.
  • Lower your costs by more easily diagnose and correct any technical issues, therefore recovering losses.
  • Improve service and support resolution rates by immediately verifying, understanding and effectively responding to customers’ issues and complaints,
  • Effectively resolve online disputes, based on firm knowledge of facts, using irrefutable records of all actual user interactions, easily identified and searchable.
  • Protect your brand across the globe or in your specified region.
  • Use actionable intelligence to stay abreast of all your identified competitors, watch their moves, and correlate key changes to performance measurements. Guide your strategy by detecting and evaluating winning tactics. Stay appraised of emerging global and local industry trends.
  • Stay ahead of your competition by putting the most exclusive and largest domain database at your service.

Oopgo solutions are built using tailor-made components utilizing innovative technology. Our main platform includes a seamlessly integrated combination of:

  1. Superior analytics.
  2. Customer experience, behavioral insight, live recording – fully searchable – amenable to both live and remote viewing as video.
  3. Competitive intelligence using the largest ever database of all global domains. 

Each company will have the option to tailor the components that are suitable, which can be easily integrated with any currently used major products installed by any vendor.