One of the prime areas for global competition and mounting challenges is in the field of Transportation and Logistics.

Fierce competition, political battles, sky-high fuel costs, industry price wars, government regulations and ecologic issues are some of many challenges that any transportation and logistics company has to adapt to. Online platforms have become major areas where companies have to battle to win new customers, retain existing ones, cut unnecessary costs and liabilities, stay ahead of the competition and ensure increased revenues. The most effective starting point is through website optimization.

Oopgo gives you the tools and insight to:

  • Increase conversion rates of visitors to customers by helping provide a positive experience with direct insight into online user behavior.
  • Observe, live and on demand, what everyone is doing on your website.
  • Establish when and why a user makes successful transactions.
  • See exactly why some do not complete their transactions.
  • Discover errors and usability issues that need your prompt action to reverse your losses.
  • Streamline the process of testing and implementing applications on your site to lower your costs and implement effective programs for your end-users to increase their transactions.
  • Optimize your ability to successfully resolve customers issues and complaints by gaining access to irrefutable records of all their transactions, which facilitates your disposal and cuts your costs.
  • Put the widest reaching global database to help you protect your brand and immediately defend it to prevent or limit your losses.
  • Watch all your competitors world-wide and be appraised of every move they make with correlated reports of their effectiveness. Use it to guide your tactics and to stay ahead.

Oopgo solutions are built using tailor-made components utilizing innovative technology. Our main platform includes a seamlessly integrated combination of:

  1. Superior analytics.
  2. Customer experience, behavioral insight, live recording – fully searchable – amenable to both live and remote viewing as video.
  3. Competitive intelligence using the largest ever database of all global domains.

Each company will have the option to tailor the components that are suitable, which can be easily integrated with any currently used major products installed by any vendor.